Al Haadi Enterprises check the quality at every stage of manufacturing starting from yarn, fabric, processing, cutting, stitching, and then packing. The material is checked before cutting to ensure it conforms to the customer’s standard of shrinkage, GSM, Shade, etc.

The quality lab further enhances the check by using Lab Dipping Spectral Data Facility. The lab also provides Wash testing services, Fabric Colour brightness, Dimension Stability, Spirality, the Fabric Weight, pH value of the garment, Bursting Strength capability, Cloth durability, Bleeding, Crocking, and other tests to come up with the standard fabric for our worthy customers.

We implement the best quality checks at every stage of production and manufacturing starting from Garment selection, Fabric evaluation, Processing, Cutting, Stitching, and Packaging.

The product always gets checked before the delivery as the fabric standard of shrinkage, color brightness, GSM, and others are meeting the required criteria. We practice the trend of making the best product and professional delivering methods to make sure our customers get satisfied.

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Naveed and his team are the best!! He’s our go-to for all our rider equipment needs. He’s super responsive, reasonable prices and quick turn around. Thank you!!

Mr. M. Ali
Procurement Manager, Foodpanda

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